One thing that sets one leader apart from others is that great leaders lead from the heart. Many are given the responsibility of leading large organisations and they receive huge remuneration, but when they move on they are not exactly missed by the masses.

Throughout my training for the current roles I am in, I have been able to observe some high impact leaders that have really left a mark on me. There has been the good and the not so good, but the ones that have left the lasting impact have been the ones that have led from the heart. They have been “heart leaders.” I am sure that your experience would be similar. 

Whether someone is leading a small business or has climbed the corporate ladder, leads a family or a church, any volunteer organisation or even leadership in the political arena, a leader’s legacy is determined by their heart. 

Some of the signs that someone has the heart of a great leader include: 

1) A vision for a better world 

2) A strong commitment to a cause 

3) Deep conviction that is born out of foresight 

4) They are able to reach those and secure the loyalty and service of those who need them the most 

5) They are able to transfer the inspiration and the belief that they have in their heart to others 

6) They genuinely care 

You may not be into the Bible, but the story of King David illustrates what I am trying to say quite well and is a very good read. When the nation of Israel was looking for its next leader, a young David was overlooked because of his lack of obvious natural attributes. But God saw something in him. He saw that his heart was different. 

David’s heart was for God and His people and, consequently he is regarded as Israel’s greatest leader in history, even today. 

This is in contrast to his predecessor, King Saul, who was the obvious people’s choice. He stood out from the crowd and was very well gifted but his motivation was for himself and him alone. Although he had all the outward traits of good leadership, in his heart he was selfish and insecure. 

In 2013, there are plenty of leaders who can fill the job and get things done, but what is desperately needed are leaders, in every field, that have a different motivation - they have the heart of a great leader.